we’re all in the center of the insoluble

http://www.ufblog.net/ brings us http://www.josino.net/MarcolasInterview.html

Some hard-core anti-utopianism from a Brazilian jail cell:

Solution?….There´s no solution at all, buddy. The idea itself of solution is already a mistake. Have you ever looked at the size of the 560 slums in Rio de Janeiro? Have you ever flown in helicopter over the periphery of São Paulo? What solution? The solution would only come up with many billion dollars spent with a high-level ruler, an immense political will, economic growth, revolution in the education, general urbanization… and should everything be almost under the baton of an enlighten tyranny, that should jump over the secular bureaucratic paralysis, which was passing over the accomplice legislative (or you think that 287 leeches are going to act? If they let it be, they are going to steal up even the PCC….) and even the court, which obstructs punishments. There would have to be a radical reform of the penal process of the country, there would have to be communication and intelligence between municipal, state, and federal police officers (we do conference calls among prisons …). And all that would cost some billion dollars and would implicate on a deep psychosocial change on the political structure of the country. In other words: it is impossible. There is no solution.

Are you afraid of dying?

It is you who are afraid of dying, not me. As a matter of fact, here in jail you cannot come in and kill me … but I can order to kill you out there…. We are human bombs. In the slum there are a hundred thousand human bombs… We are in the centre of the insoluble itself, really… You are the good and I am the evil and, in between, the frontier of death, the only frontier. We are already another species; we are already other animals different from you. Death for you is a Christian drama on a bed, a heart attack… Death for us is the daily meat laid down in a ditch… Didn’t you intellectuals used to talk about class struggle, about “be marginal (from law), be hero”? So it is; we arrived, here we are! He, he… You’ve never expected for these new warriors of cocaine, have you? […] I am intelligent. I read. I read 3.000 books and I read Dante … but my soldiers are all strange anomalies of the twisted development of this country. There is no more proletariat or unhappy ones, neither exploited ones. There is a third kind growing up outside, cultivated in the mud, educating on the absolute illiteracy, graduating in the jails, like a monster Alien hidden in the cracks of the city. A new language has already grown up. – Don’t you hear the wiretaps made “with the permission of the Justice”? Maybe so. It is another language. We are facing a kind of post-misery. That’s it. The post-misery generates a new culture of killing, aided by modern technology, satellites, cellular phones, internet, modern weapons. It is the shit with chips, with megabytes. My commanded ones are a mutation of the social being; they are funguses of a great dirty mistake.

Notes: Marcola is the first nationwide criminal leader of note in Brazil. Perhaps, the most important in Latin America. PCC stands for Primeiro Comando da Capital – First Command of Capital. Here, capital means the city of Sâo Paulo. (Via.) ”

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  1. Benedict Singleton reports the following about this text on FB:

    “Marcola exists, but he claims he never gave this interview, and that it is right-wing (i.e. anti-leftist) propaganda. The rightist journalist it is widely attributed to, however, denies having done/written the interview, and that it was created as a leftist plot to undermine the right. It’s been used effortlessly as propaganda by both sides, while projecting an incredibly vivid doctrine, not easily assignable to left or right, that is profoundly accelerationist: a postmisery culture of construction & risk pursued in a highly adverse environment. As such, as I said in Berlin, the only sensible conclusion is to attribute its authorship to the twenty-first century itself”.

    A disowned hyperstition. Still it is absolutely brilliant init. I especially love the UGK moment at the outset “the solution is the problem”, and the occupation of an subhuman inhumanism, a mutant subjectivity: “we are already another species”. Hell yes let’s take mephedrone together and get itchy twitchy kill happy in the dark rooms of collapse.

    • thanks, in a way all the options that opens up are better than if it was a more run of the mill interview, have to give it all some thought as it might be more useful than i thought and i liked it a lot before:
      “You will only get some success if you stop defending “normality”. There isn’t any
      normality at all. You have to recognize your own incompetence. But I´ll be frank: we´re
      all in the center of the insoluble. The difference is that we live from it, while you… have
      no way out, just the shit.”

      • This is crucial to the idea of health as normative flexibility: all reactive concepts of health rely on a rigidity of their parameters so that “health” is identified with a paralysed functional ideal. Is an autistic brain a healthy brain? Maybe it is. Maybe it is THE healthy brain insofar as we’re entering a period in history where machines are becoming the dominant force.

      • not sure that becoming more machine-like is the way to go but i take yer broader point, in my brief tour of duty as a medical ethicist i tried and failed to make the point that “health” care should be in service to the life of the patient and not the other way around, we have never really had “individualized” healthcare and all the current ab/uses of the terms aren’t moving us in that direction i’m afraid.

  2. “Health” to me is just the degree to which something develops its capacity to function and adapt. Adaptability as functional power and flexibility is the non-linguistic “normativity” of being-in-the-world. Coping-with, or, as Heidegger clarified, sorge (care) – which is also the pre-ideological/biological generative foundation of local “meaning” as sense-making and semiotic adaption. So isn’t health just the degree to which we can exercise our coping/caring powers in a given context?

    Regardless, this statement cut right to the bone of my nihilistic sensibilities. I’m going to have to digest it a while…

    • thanks, as usual you have helpfully fleshed out my perhaps all too terse phrasing this time of “life of the patient” my american take on dasein.

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