Democratizing the EU? Good luck with that…

The tragic thing is I think that Yanis is right failing to democratize the EU is likely to lead to another massive depression and the rise of yet again of fascistic  and armed tribalisms so I wish him and what remains of the euro-left well, canaries in the coalmine my fellow North Americans mind their songs well cuz if and when they stop sounding it will already be too late for us as well.

5 responses to “Democratizing the EU? Good luck with that…

  1. I am not about to pretend I am an economist, nor am I willing to pretend I am some sunshine and lollipops optimist. But on this last count, I don’t think Varoufakis is either. I don’t think someone with experience in Syriza and in dealing with the Troika and European nation-states is under any delusions of hope. Varoufakis is speaking from a position of grim necessity. Sitting here in a country that might well be on its way to leaving the EU leaves me cold. So we end up with our last external barriers to the full emergence of Victiorian society 2.0 stripped away from us?

    We are left with a regressive shrinking to the national level- and let’s not forget that the UK could still break apart into its mutlinational constituents within a generation shrinking it even further- as our weapon against regional and global trade markets, reactive immigration policies, the intellectual infrastructures of technocapitalism, and so on.

    In the proximal duration Britain would be locked out of the decision-making mechanisms necessary for surviving the immediate future, and our population would be at the whims of phantasists who believe we’re still commanders of Empire, whilst capital is also sure to disinvest from our little landmass with its hideous charms. In the long term we would be left without any institutions of a scale necessary if insufficient for attempting any global cooperation on matter of survival, let alone utopian aspiration. If the world is about to suffer local collapses that will have global infrastuctural impacts then abandoning ship is suicide. [And here is the pessimist lurching up again: our desires play out in our behaviours, not in our reports of our desires].

    And of course the fascisms will rise. They already are. Look to Hungary. This is an openly fascist nation at this point. A very good friend of mine left Hungary recently after the closure of the needle exchange program and the ramping up of criminalizations and strong territorialisation at the borders. She now refuses to acknowledge Hungary. She straight up tells people that she has no nation, and it is neither for effect or dramatic poise: she is just ashamed. So we’re already on the way, and as Varoufakis says, although he may laugh at their current ineffectuality, the fascists sit in the Greek government. Mark his words on Golden Dawn in the interview with Aaron: these are not neo-Nazis, they are carbon copies of German Nazism.

    The preference, as it so often does, is between a bloody and perhaps pointless fight and a quiet but no less bloodless suicide.

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