re-booting autonomous scenes w/ bifo berardi

franco shows up around 13:30

“The Insurrection: Diana McCarty interviews Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi on Radio Alice, social movements and media. The talk looks at the 1977 March uprising in Bologna and the role of social media. ‘Biopolitics is a modelling of the biological body and of the social body.’Franco Berardi

3 responses to “re-booting autonomous scenes w/ bifo berardi

  1. bifo the bore/outdated/generalities/ broad based comments /not connected/ to other peoples realities/doesnt read guattari (who her personally knew as never fails to remind us) nor deleuze/ gosh what RoMpOsity!

  2. without wishing to sound unfair to ‘bifo’ he’s got his head up his arse! Zizek and Badiou have a better grasp of reality . bifo the blow-hard resembles Michel Onfray and his fantasms of ‘micro’ change. another false reading of G&D’s concept of becoming. what infantile readings of great philosophy! One sees more activism in the streets of rome and florence than one finds with this falderall of ‘coming’ insurrections. as with hardt and negri this never happened and shan’t. its old old story.

    • hey sis.m.b. i’m going to guess you didn’t give this a listen, no?
      all of these folks who think that they can fix (or even really understand/re-present) the doings of peoples by waxing meta-physical are bewitched by grammar, this conversation i posted here is really more about different medias/interventions, like blogging which as you might imagine we find to be relevant to what we are doing hereabouts.

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