Trauma: The Language of the Technosphere

Deterritorial Investigations
“In this performance-lecture ethnographer S. Løchlann Jain examines how commodities and violence sustain one another in the technosphere. According to Jain, society dedicates ever-increasing sums of money to preserving life and preventing death on the highway. Yet the safety defined in this data is narrowly circumscribed by technical, economic, and even aesthetic imperatives of the auto-industry. In this performance Jain demonstrates the aesthetic limits of proof, demonstrations, and data on auto-deaths.

Do we have any real “memory” of traditional relationships to earth, to nature, and to society itself? Would the loss of such memories constitute a trauma? And if it did, how would this trauma display itself in the life of a society? In this panoramic presentation novelist Rana Dasgupta traces the data-trails of the technosphere, from rural artisan cultures of India through new cultures of global desire, making stop-offs at Facebook and Hollywood along the way.

What happens…

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