EU Death March: As The Refugee Crisis Turns and Turns and Turns

i can’t believe i still have to argue with people who want to frame human history as being One of Progress, how much mass scale dis-integration will it take for them to wake up? yeah i know they aren’t capable just a figure of speech.

Dr. Rinaldi's Horror Cabinet

refugees-1German eagerness to fill jobs with Syrians and other refugees is an indictment of the EU’s dysfunctional economy and cultural rigidities. Signs of growing animosity in Finland. Bad Blood Among Old Enemies in the Balkans. Anti-Muslim fervor in Poland, Eastern Europe. Canada’s three main political leaders spar over refugees, trade, terrorism. Refugee Crisis Used in Anti-Muslim Rhetoric. German mayor blames Israel for Syrian refugee crisis. Obama blames al-Assad for creating a power vacuum in the country that has allowed the terror group ISIS to fester. Others thank Obama, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her successor John Kerry for the crisis.

Can we ask a simple question: Who is accepting responsibility? We don’t give a shit for the blame game, the hate mongering, the innuendos of racism: bloodletting, anti-Muslim, anti-Israel, rhetorics… what we need is leaders to accept responsibility and ACT – do something, anything… but…

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