Radical Enactivism: Theoretical Pluralism and Empirical Turn in Consciousness

brer noir takes a walk on the radical behaviorism side, all comers are welcome

The Dark Fantastic: Literature, Philosophy, and Digital Arts


The first to introduce this notion of embodied consciousness were Eleanor Rosch, Evan Thompson, Francisco J. Varela in their book The Embodied Mind: Cognitive Science and Human Experience:

“By using the term embodied we mean to highlight two points: first that cognition depends upon the kinds of experience that come from having a body with various sensorimotor capacities, and second, that these individual sensorimotor capacities are themselves embedded in a more encompassing biological, psychological and cultural context.” (p. 172-173)

Their argument for an enactivist approach argues that cognition arises through a dynamic interaction between an acting organism and its environment. It claims that our environment is one which we selectively create through our capacities to interact with the world. “Organisms do not passively receive information from their environments, which they then translate into internal representations. Natural cognitive systems…participate in the generation of meaning …engaging in transformational and not merely informational…

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