Present-Tense Anthropology™

“It isn’t revolutionaries and terrorist who make the nuclear power plants melt of blow their tops, or the electricity grids crash, or the automated trading systems go all higgeldy-piggeldy and write their billions down to pennies in ten minutes- they all do that on their own.
You boys, she said…all want to be the hero in the film who runs away in slo-mo from the villain’s factory that he’s just mined, throwing himself to the ground as it explodes. But the explosion’s taking place already- it’s always been taking place. You just didn’t notice…”

-tom mccarthy

One response to “Present-Tense Anthropology™

  1. Reblogged this on Myriad Ways and commented:
    Our world is both complex and simple, as are these words and this image. Together they are a way of understanding a little piece of the complexity, not by making it simple, but just the crashing of concepts leaves a little bit of truth in its floating in the wake.

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