Hackers vs the Vectoralist Class by McKenzie Wark

In sum, then, the history of commodified modes of production can be thought of as passing through three overlapping stages, each of which entails a bifurcation into two classes which polarizes the social field. In each stage that field has a certain quality. The rise of industry, and the struggle between worker and capitalist, produces a more abstract topography, a second nature. The rise of information and the struggle between hacker and vectoralist produces an even more abstract topology, a third nature. This space becomes a global topology in which almost any point can connect to any other, mobilizing resources on a planetary scale. At each stage, the field of class conflict might have a certain polarity between dominating and dominated classes, but all classes across all three “natures” interact, as if in a game of threedimensional chess. In many instances the key class conflict may be between different ruling classes. The unity of the three dominated classes can also never be guaranteed. They are not a multitude, but distinct classes with different functions in the production process.”

rest @  http://supercommunity.e-flux.com/texts/the-vectoralist-class/

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