Quantum Lives: Tales of Undercity

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Just got my Wattpad Site and will be using that as my platform for publishing and writing with community feedback, etc. I noticed authors like Cory Doctorow (Homeland), Scott Westerfield (Uglies) and many other current YA and Dystopian writers use the system effectively.

Updating weekly: https://www.wattpad.com/user/alien_ecologies

Quantum Lives: Tales of Undercity

Set in the Consilience an InfoSpheric Assemblage of data and natural worlds enclosed in the Global System somewhere in the early 22nd Century. The opening tale is within the virtual enclaves of Undercity where we discover  Precarity Jones and her sidekicks, a group of latter day corporate hackers and fixers after the Global Meltdown and the period of the Great Transition, where the virtual and the actual no longer have boundaries between them and a post-Singularity Civilization arises amid the ruins of a failing and dying world of capitalism.

This is the beginning of the Quantum Lives Trilogy that…

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