Luister (listen) -Contraband Cape Town

“Luister is a documentary about the lives of students of colour who attend Stellenbosch University, a South African institution of higher learning. In a series of interviews, students recount instances of racial prejudice that they continue to experience in the town of Stellenbosch, and the enormous challenges that they face due to the use of Afrikaans as a language of teaching at the university. Luister is a film about Afrikaans as a language and a culture. It is a film about the continuing racism that exists within a divided society.”


3 responses to “Luister (listen) -Contraband Cape Town

  1. My question posed to students:

    “What to do, that is the question, instead of merely reflecting on this, how can the artist creates affects to change this? It requires more than simply negating this with criticism, it calls for a different and many politics, a politics where one uses the capacity to affect (potentia) (puissance) along with the power (potestas) both of you have coming from a situated and privileged locations. Leave the passions, enter actions!


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