4 responses to “The world looks back (?) – Susan Oyama

  1. Oyama is making a compelling case for the elimination of the subject as a viable biological entity. The disturbing question is what gives the one speaking the right and authority to speak for the multitudes being represented by the speaking human? This is democracy at its worst.

      • The voices in our nested biomes within biomes are tiny and hard to discern. They are only now learning to respond through their only voice, the “answering gaze,” as Oyama would call it. Now that the mythos of the subject dissolves in radical personal bioecology, there may be the possibility of humans being transformed by what they see in a newly-possible, biologically accurate inward gaze. Way past the time, it is, to listen for answers in the return silent gaze of the other billions of spcies within and without.

      • not sure what that all means for us here and now but sounds like a good topic for the speculative theory folks to imagine, in the meantime I guess we carry on as best we can and try to do as little harm and muster as much humanity as we are capable of, none of which is easy at least for me.

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