in the sanctuary of oblivion

In the open asylum the lunatics can get hold of the technologies of their torture and turn them into the glittering electroshock therapies of deliverance. In a world of addiction perhaps the opium of the people (opium idiot, not religion) is the only way out. Inside the opium calmed waters of oblivion; escape.

3 responses to “in the sanctuary of oblivion

  1. Oh yes. I’m a big fan of Thacker’s pessimist stuff. Paul Ennis has been urging everyone who’ll listen to buy the new book. The problem I have with pessimism is it resonates so well with me that I rarely really sit down and think through a text. There is an immediacy in lines like “Teach me to laugh through tears” that seem too sudden to be analysed. Pessimism is revelation rather than deduction.

    • well not sure there is Pessimism that is any one thing or mode or such, for me i’m more interested in collage: cutting and pasting, adding and subtracting, playing with contrast-effects and affinities and such, more an attempt at immersion/exposure than in categorization/cataloging.

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