Can Pluralism save Phenomenology?

dr.z on dr.jon, good to have cogburn back to blogging

Object-Oriented Philosophy

Jon Cogburn’s inaugural post is HERE.

I’m not aware of any analytic philosopher who has made more of an effort than Cogburn (Philosophy, Louisiana State University) to give Speculative Realism a sympathetic hearing. I’ve learned a lot from him in the process.

In the post to which I just linked, he gets into the weeds on the question of whether phenomenology is one or many.

Without answering that question directly, my take on phenomenology is as follows:

•Though many people today are increasingly unsympathetic to phenomenology, I think they are exaggerating its weak points– or rather, focusing only on its weak points without considering its strengths.

•Quite often, too much energy is expended on the question of whether or not Husserl was an idealist. The “yes, he was” chorus comes from several different camps, each with a different motivation: Heideggerians, Deleuzians, the scientistically inclined. The “no, he wasn’t” counterpoint…

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