Exclusive: Interview with #OpIsrael Hackers from #Anonymous, #AnonGhost, #IzzahHackers

The Cryptosphere

OpIsrael Anons via @Op_Israel on Twitter OpIsrael Anons via @Op_Israel on Twitter

#opisrael for solidarity with Palestine. 
#opisrael for raising awareness about the Palestinian people.
 They are under the israeli occupation for 67 years. 
 It’s time for Palestinians to live in peace, freedom, dignity. 
That was the reply, from hackers within #OpIsrael, to our question about why, yet again, an international coalition of hacktivists including Anonymous, AnonGhost, Anonymous Arabe, and others, was uniting to attack Israel during Passover. The hackers were careful to differentiate this from any cyber-jihad; it’s strictly a pro-Palestinian action designed to make Israel uncomfortable as long as Palestinians are not given full access to their rights, as the hacktivists define them.

The annual surge of Anonymous’ #OpIsrael occurred as predicted on April 7 (and, thanks to international date lines, also on April 6 and some of April 8). The Tangodowns (websites knocked offline via DDoS attack), the defaces (websites obscured by digital…

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