The Poverty of Acceleration

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Unlimited Dream Company ('Despairing at last, I decided to die' -J.G. Ballard)

We are supposed to be inside a speeding train, the train being capitalism accelerating as ever. If there is supposed to be no outside to capitalism, then we are all by necessity aboard the machine of capital. It is easy to imagine here that labor is placed inside this speeding machine. Labor, as Marx once emphasized, is the actual figure of freedom whose purpose is to free itself from necessity (capital being the actual figure of the latter). And yet, it is also easy to agree that labor has never been successful in reversing the order; it has always been capital determining it.  In a rather odd complement, for the scientific socialist that was Marx, the whole idea of communism in which labor wins the battle against capital would have to remain as such, an idea.  And here, philosophy has always been our constant companion.

Meanwhile, the Accelerationist Manifesto would have us acknowledge…

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