Fragments of Mere Meat

A kind of experiment- aphorisms, stories, snapshots, quotations; gatherings; fallings apart; written over various nights of insomnia, exhaustion, and the circadian/cognitive  chaos of night shifts. Download it as a pdf. Print it out. Leave it in your local butcher’s shop. Distribute it at radical political events that depend on theological thinking. Staple it to trees. Preachers of all religious creeds use it to frighten your congregations. Send it to that special someone as a sexual advance. Don’t read it. Set fire to it. Stuff it down your own throat to choke the screams. Don’t worry, be happy. It’s neither well written nor terribly convincing.


Including half-baked ill-thought out claims such as

To actually see oneself as meat is to see oneself stripped of all illusions, hallucinations, and to be redeemed from the efforts of participating in disclosing and coping with a world of significations and apparent projects. To watch oneself torn to shreds by proxy is to experience a perverse liberation from being human. To know oneself as meat is to be freed.

Abuses of recognised philosophical heroes like

Deleuze writes that the mouth is the transformation of organ into hole, an opening of the body onto the world through which the body escapes itself. The Scream, and we could say that all language is a deferred screaming, a complicated way of hiding the fact of our howling, is the
body attempting to escaping itself.

And upbeat messages

There are all kinds of reasons people cut themselves. One of the most common is because they want to feel real . In the throes of depersonalisation and derealisation the traumatic detachment from the sense of lived reality carving into ourselves is the best way to come back to what we are.

now with 25% more images of plastinated and posed human corpses! 

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