In the cockpit w/ Franco Bifo Berardi

“They say that the young driver Andreas Lubitz had suffered from depression and had kept hidden his mental condition to the company he worked for, Lufthansa. The doctors advised a period of absence from work. The thing is not at all surprising: the turbo-capitalism contemporary detests those who ask to make use of sick leave, and hates every nth reference to depression. I depressed? Do not talk about it either. I am very well, are perfectly efficient, cheerful, dynamic, energetic, and above all competitive. I jog every morning, and I’m always willing to do overtime. Is not this the philosophy of low cost? Maybe they do not sound the trumpets when the plane takes off and when it lands? Are we not surrounded by the uninterrupted speech competitive efficiency? Are we not forced to measure our daily mood with aggressive cheerfulness of the faces that appear in commercials? Maybe we do not run the risk of being fired if we do too many sick? Now the newspapers (the same newspapers that for years they call us lazy and sing the praises of the scrapping of inefficient) recommend to pay more attention in recruitment. We will make special audits to verify that the airplane pilots are not deranged, crazy, depressed, manic, melancholic and sad losers. For Real? And the doctors? And the army colonels? And the bus drivers? And drivers of the train? And the teachers of mathematics? And the traffic police officers? Epureremo depressives. Epuriamoli. Too bad they are the absolute majority of the population today. I’m not talking of depression occurring, which are also increasing in proportion, but of those who suffer from unhappiness, sadness, despair. Even if they tell rarely and with caution the incidence of mental illness has grown enormously in recent decades, and the rate of suicide (according to the report of the World Health Organization) has grown by 60% (wow) in the last four ‘ year old. Forty years? And that will never mean? What happened in the last forty years because people run in droves to the black lady? Maybe there will be a relationship between this incredible increase in the propensity to get it over and the triumph of neoliberalism which implies insecurity and competition compulsory? And maybe there will be a relationship with the loneliness of a generation that has grown up in front of the screen getting continuous stimuli psycho-informative and touching more and less the other’s body? Do not forget that for every completed suicide there are about twenty attempted without success. And do not forget that in many countries of the world (even in Italy), physicians are advised to be cautious in attributing a death to suicide, if there is no clear evidence of the intention of the deceased. And how many car accidents hide more or less conscious suicidal intent? As soon as the investigating authorities and the airline have revealed that the cause of the plane crash is in the suicide of a worker who has suffered from depression and has kept hidden, here on the Internet has set in motion the usual army of conspiracy theorists. “Imagine if we believe,” say those who suspect the plot. There must be behind the CIA, or maybe Putin, or maybe just a very serious error of Lufthansa that it takes to keep hidden. A cartoonist who signed Sartori and believed to be very witty shows a guy who reads the newspaper and says, “Slaughter Airbus responsible copilot depressed.” He adds: Soon they will say that even the ISIS is made by depressed. “Here , bravo. The point is this: contemporary terrorism can have a thousand political causes, but the only real cause is the epidemic of mental suffering (and social, but the two are a) that is spreading around the world. It may explain the behavior of a shaheed, a young man who blows himself up to kill a dozen other human in political, ideological, religious? Sure you can, but they talk. The truth is that anyone who kills considers life an intolerable burden, and sees in death the only salvation, the only revenge and murder.
An epidemic of suicide has fallen on planet earth, because for decades it has set in motion a gigantic factory of unhappiness which seems impossible to escape. Those who see a conspiracy everywhere should stop trying a hidden truth, and should instead interpret differently the obvious truth. Andreas Lubitz closed inside the damn cockpit because the pain he felt inside had become unbearable, and because of that pain accused the hundred and fifty passengers and colleagues who flew with him, and all other human beings who like him are incapable of rid unhappiness devouring contemporary humanity, since advertising has undergone a bombardment of happiness compulsory, as loneliness Digital has multiplied stimuli and isolated bodies, since the financial capitalism forced us to work on twice to earn half.”
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2 responses to “In the cockpit w/ Franco Bifo Berardi

  1. My interests are both close to and distant from Bifo’s- influenced and departing from the same territories and his writing. But sharpened (I’d hope) by proximity to empirical research that he glances at & from within “the clinic”. So at any rate. Bifo’s suicide book and his quick comments on Lubitz are both disappointing. Yes, he advances his particular thesis, and it has a rich theoretical background, but it eschews so much, simplifies too soon, pretends at being complete when its the outline of a sketch. Let’s say it how it is- this leaves out so very much from the picture of how complicated suicide, murder, and murder-suicides are.

    Although of course, in the end, ” the pain he felt inside had become unbearable” is absolute finally the case, and there is nothing to disagree with in Bifo’s analysis. It’s just not enough.

    That said, we can move on to the claims re: ISIS being a phenomena of depression. Well,actually yes of course it is. It responds to our contemporary nihilism as a reactionary immunological inflammation of violent meaning. It’s classic Terror Management Theory. It’s evolutionary. It’s pulling the blankets up over your head in the dark and citing a lullaby your mother taught you as a child. And what’s more ISIS say so themselves. Here is a story on a recruitment video of theirs (I have been watching their PR machine closely, it’s amazing) in which they claim “jihad is the cure for depression”. I want to do a post/essay/article on exactly this. I’ll add it to the list.

    • glad to have been a spur and maybe the essay will be a seed-crystal for the book, speaking of of books is our reading group defunct?
      Not sure about the idea of jihad as a reaction/cure to depression, too much like mistaken freudian/lacanian ideas of lack, i think most of these folks are rather overflowing with narcissistic/anxious/angry/paranoia, that like the majority of human-be-ings they think they are destined/called to More (part of living with/in actual nihilism is coming to terms with our alltoohuman limits, not being gods) and their disappointing, even perhaps humiliating, stations in life fuel the fires.

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