Media Fossils & Outerspace Anthropocene -Jussi Parikka

“The talk focuses on the growing amount of future ruins: the media technological waste we are producing as the underbelly of the contemporary fascination for the new. This production is also one of multiple temporalities, drawing on the materiality of the earth and engaging with a future that is radically changed by the presence of the humans.”

2 responses to “Media Fossils & Outerspace Anthropocene -Jussi Parikka

  1. While we’re on the topic of ruin, the Anthropocene, and insects, this may be of interest: Evan Calder Williams and China Mievelle on “Salvagepunk” @ Whether or not this has much to do with the new journal “Salvage” being launched, of which they’re both contributing to, remains the be seen.–3#home

    Regardless, “The Anthrobscene” was quite good and I’m looking forward to reading Parikka’s full volume on media geology.

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