English Transcript of Deleuze on JOY


The blog The Art of Deviance published a heavily edited extract from the video interview between Claire Parnet and Gilles Deleuze, l’Abécédaire de Gilles Deleuze. The extract concerned the letter “J” for “Joy”. I have translated this more extensive extract:

Note: this extract is still incomplete as it is missing a long digression on Nietzsche and his concept of the priest, and also on the plaint or lament as an example of taking on something that is too powerful for me and that can make me crack. One can get a good idea of the missing part here, thanks to Charles Stivale. I have corrected some errors, and kept very close to Deleuze’s words. I have chosen to consistently translate “puissance” by “capacity”, but sometimes potency, power, or even force, would be more usual in English.

Claire Parnet: Now J is for “Joy”. This is a concept that you…

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