The Line Seen from the Inside

Creative Thresholds

by aima peintar (Marcella Casu)

These images come without title. They’re usually posted with a simple “.”, which is the line they’re built with, seen from inside.

Marcella Casu DSCN2052_mc

Marcella Casu DSCN2186_mc2

Marcella Casu continua1

Marcella Casu continua2

Marcella Casu continua3

Marcella Casu continua8

Marcella Casu continua13

Marcella Casu continua14

Marcella Casu continua15

Marcella Casu DSCN0578_mc

Marcella Casu DSCN0706_mc

Marcella Casu DSCN1100_mc

Marcella Casu DSCN1315_mc

Marcella Casu DSCN1578_mc

Marcella Casu IMG_6208

Marcella Casu aima peintar buddyicon copia

aimapeintar (Marcella Casu) lives, works and walks in Rome, Italy.



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