Squares, malls, bridges and highways (A note on infrastructure and #BlackLivesMatter)

Infra-politics is always a corporeal politics and that means not only contesting infrastructure but also the location of bodies “in” time and space- more properly, the contesting of spatiotemporalisation. What I find most interesting in Angela’s discussion is the movement from politics taking place within the idealised image of the Athenian polis to the clogging of the infrastructural pathways that serve as the material portals of interface of the regulation of movement within the society of control. It is no accident that black lives relate in the to the state in a manner homologous with slaves to that polis. If the polis represents an ideal of democratic politics then the blockades of bridges, highways, and streets represents the reminder that the ideal(ism) of democractic politics is bullshit.

One response to “Squares, malls, bridges and highways (A note on infrastructure and #BlackLivesMatter)

  1. here in the States when white flight to the suburbs went down they cut thru poorer/blacker neighborhoods with multilane roads (and or overpasses) that now feed into secured underground parking for towering offices with built in gyms and restaurants so one never has to leave the security of the building if one doesn’t wish to, never venture into public space and mix with the rabble that we be.

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