Cooperative Communities of Resistance? Elke Krasny

Unplanned History: Communities of Resisitance.
The title of this presentation proposes a paradox as its starting point: unplanned history. History eludes planning, since it has already happened. Yet the writing of history, as feminist and post-colonial scholarship has shown, needs both care and planning. The focus of this presentation is on communities of resistance and practices of hospitality, and the intersecting issues of self-organization and austerity, supported action and precarity of bodies, labor, space and resources. The author’s research-based curatorial work will be described through the 2011-2012 project “Mapping the Everyday. Neighbourhood Claims for the Future,” a collaboration with the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, an example of feminist self-organization and solidarity urbanism in Vancouver, B.C. She will also discuss her book Hands-On Urbanism: The Right to Green, which explores urban gardening through the lens of self-organization, dynamics of migration, and resistant practices.

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