2 responses to “Retinal Afterglow of Active Form – K. Easterling

  1. I think Easterling is spot on with her identification of infrastructure as an informatic reorganization of space under the dictates of neoliberalism. That said, I would be intrigued by a unification of her understanding of infrastructure – our daily lived or experienced environments – with the more invisible sets of infrastructures, the ‘pipelines and wires’ that she alludes to early in this talk. These too are a culmination of informatic and logistical processes:

    “‘the pipeline was always more than a physical infrastructure’ (page 87) because it was constituted in and through a vast informational infrastructure that breeds different forms of expertise (economics, engineering, environmental management). Many geographers might be wary that such technical expertise might appear or be rendered as a depoliticizing force. Against these claims, Barry argues that the availability or transparency of information and expert testimony can often lead to new or more intense forms of dissent, including over the dividing line between the information and knowledge presented and circulated and that which is unspoken or hidden.” (from Kai Bosworth’s review of Andrew Barry’s “Material Politics”; http://societyandspace.com/reviews/reviews-archive/barry-andrew-2013-material-politics-disputes-along-the-pipeline-reviewed-by-kai-bosworth/)

    • yeah my sense is that she was offering this in addition to rather than an either or, I’m not sure about translating all action as information (still wrestling with what info might be) and still find it useful to keep some rough distinction between machines/algorithms/etc and the analog-rest, we are getting into some related issues of experts/complexity/governance/etc over @
      and I’m sure they would welcome some takes/feedback from folks other than yours truly

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