Southwest Corridor Northwest Passages: Critical Explorations of ‘Imperial Infrastructures’


The corridor is geo-infrastructural.
The device is info-mechanical.
The narrative is psycho-social.

Narratives activate devices. Devices articulate corridors.

The corridor is the diagram/spatial logic — the organization of the space.
The device is the image/descriptive/procedural — the things you see in the space.
The narrative is the affective/dialogical/experiential — how you feel, vocalize, relate to the space.

What are the narratives we can undermine, break down, remake, invent?
And what would that do to the devices and the corridors that we’re living with today?

Rozalinda Borcila, Brian Holmes, Futuro Moncada Forero, and the Compass group (among others) have been conducting a sort of critical psychogeography of the intermodal networks and logistics apparatuses that form the socio-technic backbone of neoliberal capitalism. The Southwest Corridor Northwest Passage has produced installations and group explorations of these trans-state zones, articulating important aspects of the infra-political analysis necessary for eking out equitable practices – and dissent – in our contemporary world.

Also of interest: “Logistics, Repurposing, Bricolage” (from Out of the Wood’s “Disaster Communism” series); “Extraction, Logistics, Finance: Global Crisis and the Politics of Operations” (Sandro Mezzadra and Brett Neilson)

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