Bergsonian Reflections on Writing

Larval Subjects .

slime4When one finds himself unable to think of anything to write about; or rather when all thoughts worth writing about seem to slip away, perhaps all that’s left is to think about writing itself.  The greatness of writing is that it allows us to think things that would be impossible for the meat of our brains and the sonic vibrations of our respiratory system (speech) to think.  One really must be a student of Ong, McLuhan, Kittler, Derrida, and Andy Clark to understand this point.  Writing in its sheer materiality, as an inscription on paper or in zeros and ones is not simply a representation of inner thought in the meat of our nervous system, it is not simply the externalization of something that has already been thought; it contributes to thought.  Like any processor, our meat-minds can only process and operate on so many bits of information at any…

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