Tilting at Windmills -Gail Zawacki

“In honor of the youth of the world, I will be silent on December 10. I will wear a green wristband, take a picture, and send it to http://www.climatesilencenow.org. I will do it even though, as the following essay from TransitionMilwaukee demonstrates, it IS impossible to avert a horrendous crash. The author ably demolishes the pet fantasies of climate activists for a green high-tech society, despite the obligatory hopium tacked on in the last section. We are not, as he asserts, on the “brink” of the 6th mass extinction – it is well underway. In fact, the case can easily be made that it began over 10,000 years ago when human extirpated dozens of species of megafauna, thus altering the entire ecosystems by disrupting everything from seed disbursal to precipitation.
The exhortation to Americans to consume less won’t be enough to avert the climate catastrophe that is already irreversible, even if “making substantial changes in the way you live” also includes forgoing light and heat and food from the grocery store, wearing only clothing woven from homespun yarn, and refraining from even so much as an aspirin for the sick…because all those basic goods and services – food, electricity, clothing and medical care, to say nothing of travel and electronics – only exist in quantities sufficient for billions of people because they are derived from a globally industrialized civilization powered by fossil fuels. No one is going to willingly give those up, thus nothing substantive has been or will be done.
We cannot have a “revolution” against ourselves.”
pls do read the rest @ http://witsendnj.blogspot.com/2014/12/tilting-at-windmills.html

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