Falguni Sheth (Hampshire) on the Ferguson verdict

big money interests versus mere citizens, who will win?



Yet neither an indictment nor a conviction of Darren Wilson would have given black Americans, or other populations of color, what is so urgent: a court system that sees the history of racial injustice through serial acts of police violence, that processes justice by taking into full account the history of slavery, and that of racial, political and economic segregation. Neither an indictment nor a conviction would have afforded long-term racial justice, in which police officers no longer represent the white ruling class of Ferguson, in which the governor of Missouri doesn’t send the National Guard to shut down the speech and protests of those who are the victims of racism. That form of racial justice — regardless of the decision not to indict — will need much more. It will need the cultural, legal and economic defeat of white supremacy. And that is a much longer, much…

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