4 responses to “Posthuman Personhood: Corporations,Dolphins&EcoSecurity

    • I think she is saying that bowl with the words “So long and thanks for all the fish” contains an audio message that the dolphins, aware of the Vogons, left Earth for an alternate dimension but not before replacing the destroyed Earth with a new version and transporting everything to it as a way of saving humans.

      • Dolphins are some of the most fucking incredible living beings on the planet.

        “Scientific study has confirmed that bottlenose dolphins are large-brained, highly social mammals with an extended developmental period, flexible cognitive capacities, and powerful acoustic abilities including a sophisticated echolocation system. These findings have led some to ask if dolphins experience aspects of consciousness. Recent investigations targeting self-recognition/self-awareness and metacognition, constructs tied to consciousness on some accounts, have analyzed the dolphin’s ability to recognize itself in a mirror or on a video as well as to monitor its own knowledge in a perceptual categorization task.”


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