Video of my ‘Foucault, Subjectivity and Truth’ lecture at Nottingham Contemporary

Progressive Geographies

Video of my ‘Foucault, Subjectivity and Truth‘ lecture and the discussion following it, at Nottingham Contemporary gallery last night. The introduction is by Emma Moore, the discussion is with Colin Wright, Sophie Fuggle and Alex Vasudevan.

This was a really useful experience for me – it provided a non-negotiable deadline for me to work out what I wanted to say about this 1981 lecture course; but also provided a chance to talk about, and to some extent reinvigorate my enthusiasm for, the project as a whole. The first fifteen minutes or so are probably the best overview of the Foucault’s Last Decade book project I’ve yet delivered; and much of the discussion following the lecture is about the book as a whole, rather than just this lecture course.

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