American Good Intentions, Chogyam Trungpa

So violent in achieving nonviolence
A journey to the moon and the discovery of kundalini
Spiritual testimonials and presidential promises
Law and order and militant monasticism
Colorful gurus on sale at the A & P
Zen profundity
Benevolent Protective Order of Elks
Electricity by the megawatts
Potential children discover potential parents
Virginia aristocrats
New York Jews
Mississippi is a meaningless noun
Idaho with its potatoes
Cape Kennedy with its moon
Washington, D.C. with its clean-cut
Chicago with its notorious Mafiosi
Telegraph Avenue sells Himalayan art in Berkeley
Canadian internationalism a cheap copy of the U.S.’s
A franchised Ugandan dictator
All are primitive jokes
White cons black into grey
War is an opportune time to create peace
Nationwide respectability fails to include street-trained dogs
Oath of Allegiance violates a sense of humor
Yellow cabs roar through skyscraper canyons
Urban jackals patrol the streets crying red white and blue
Officials entertaining foreign dignitaries
Are busy apologizing for the presence of radical demonstrators

Wide as American inspiration
Profound as American patriotism
Protector of the free world
Dignity is the object
God save America, our karmic sweet home.

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