The Posthuman and the Information Guerrilla

good to have edmund back blogging, if you haven’t read him before do yourself a favor and dive in.

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The Posthuman

Steve Hickman has a great new post up over at Dark Ecologies, musing on the inevitable transition taking place around us, a fractal mutation at the center of the question of what it means to be human in the age of technotopia. Gazing into a cybernetic crystal ball, he warns us that “the inforgasm is upon us…” It is in this literal deluge of data and fibers that we are all conjoined, flittering a high speed and being regurgitated as data junk. Rising from this great “recline of civilization,” as Arthur Kroker once called it, is the specter of the posthuman, who is very much among us at the intersection of smart technology and the biological flesh.

Kroker enters into Hickman’s discourse via his notion of “drift culture.” The Situationists had configured the drift as the derive, a “technique of rapid passage through varied ambiances.”[1] This…

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3 responses to “The Posthuman and the Information Guerrilla

  1. Wonderfully written piece. I guess I’m still amazed by how many find cause for optimism in the aleatory underbelly of events, but then I suppose this is written pretty deeply into the modern aesthetic code. Excess as opportunity strikes me as hopelessly romantic anymore. The fact is, noise is an essential structural component of markets, the same as it is for neural function, or evolution for that matter. In a sense, we are the noise, and so much of the IT investment you see is devoted to mining signals of various kinds from us. The more signal our institutions and machines mine from us, the more *they* become the primary site of noise production.

    The romantic presumption seems to be that human creativity is something *special,* something that cannot be fully integrated into whatever systems of control our future holds. But this is wishful thinking. All things being equal, we should expect that ‘human creativity’ is nothing special at all, and that far from offering sites of intrinsic resistance, it has in fact been yoked long ago. So for instance, I’ve lurked and battled on far right websites, and they regularly use/cite the conceptual creativity of the left – and the jargon-laden discourses they’ve given birth to – as demonstrations of intellectual degeneracy.

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