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B_S_no._13H_bevel_gear_cutting_machine_blueprint_drawing_bInOnto-Cartography I propose a machine-oriented ontology.  “Machine” is a synonym for “entity”, “thing”, “object”, or “being”.  Machine-oriented ontology– or more simply, “machinism” –is the thesis that all of being is composed of machines.  I make the argument for this thesis in the first chapter of The Democracy of Objects; though there I use the term “object”.  Clearly the term “machine” is here used in a sense quite a bit broader than it’s used in ordinary language.  In natural language we thing of a machine, above all, as something that is built by humans.  Such a view implicitly holds that there are three broad categories of entities:  natural beings such as trees and stars, tools such as forks and ice pics, and machines.  We can then ask what it is that distinguishes a machine from a tool insofar as both machines and tools have humans (and other similar entities)…

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9 responses to “Machinism

  1. No theory of meaning, tho. Short of some mechanistic account of intentionality, it’s hard to understand how he could offer anything but an ad hoc ontology of machines.

    • yeah never really been sure what the add-on is his work provides to what folks are doing with say Actor-Network-Theory, personally could do without most of what passes for semiotics (Lacanian or otherwise) to date.
      I know that you have your issues (and I take your objections seriously) with the neuro-phenomenological-enactivists but they seem more on the right track, not so far from the related work of Andy Pickering.

      • They lack any naturalistic account of meaning as well, but at least they understand it’s centrality. Still lot’s of cowering behind irreducibility and posing nude behind emergence, tho.

      • well in their defense they just really got started and unlike some they have at least entertained the criticisms offered by you and others when I shared such with them.

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