Living in Ruins, Anna Tsing

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UC Santa Cruz anthropologist Anna Tsing is one of six international scholars to win a $5 million Niels Bohr Professorship from the Danish National Research Foundation. The professorships are for five years and were established to bring senior international scholars to Denmark to host research programs “characterized by novelty, creativity, and excellence.”

The award will support Tsing’s research and teaching both in Denmark and at UC Santa Cruz. Tsing will establish a transdisciplinary program that will encompass the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and the arts in an exploration of what has been called the “Anthropocene.” Anthropocene is that geologic epoch defined by human disturbance of the earth’s ecosystems. Tsing calls her program “Living in the Anthropocene: Discovering the Potential of Unintended Design on Anthropogenic Landscapes.” It will include conferences and fellowships for graduate students, post-docs, and colleagues.

4 responses to “Living in Ruins, Anna Tsing

  1. I like her notion of “contaminated diversity” as the mangle, the mesh, tangles sites of formation, the mess, interpenetrating ecologies… all indeterminate encounters in-the-making: vulnerability and precarious survivals – both thick and raw. Whence the new ontical-aesthetic?

    In a world where we (co)exist and cope-with and within others as a means of survival – now and after the collapses – we need a greater emphasis on cooperation and mutualistic self-definitions that renders consumeristic individuality, and the systems that generate it, completely irrelevant.

    This is the issue with ‘theory’ as i desire it: generating meanings that cultivate new sensibilities and thus novel focus and new practices.

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