One response to “Stop saving the planet! Jenny Price

  1. I love your collection here, I’ve spent many hours exploring the links, so thank you!

    I especially like it when you include an editorial comment along with the link, as there is certainly quite a bit of variability in quality and relevance.

    One of my main impressions overall is that wow, so many of these ‘intellectuals’ could use some training in rhetoric lol, its amazing how terrible many of them are at sharing their thoughts and ideas in non-written language. The people who have clearly spent time considering how to communicate really stand out, particularly the eloquent speakers for whom English is not their first language. Puts far too many native speakers to shame.

    Some clips are like parodies of what intellectual life has become in some circles (jargon, insider references, name dropping, appeals to status/power/whatever, ludicrous irrelevance to anything concrete), while others are wonderful examples of what creative human intelligence–however flawed or illusory it might be–is capable of. Kind of poignant.

    This particular interview enraged me. I forced myself to listen to the entire thing and then felt like I needed a long hot mental shower. What a prime example of rationalized failure, gutless self-serving complicity, pseudo-intellectual shallow post-whatever thinking, and of willfully blind privilege pretending to speak for the disempowered. I mean, a person from what class exactly just ‘drifts into’ a PhD in the US these days when it entails serious $$ and frightening debt? Or stops field research on birds to move to LA to be writer and found an art collective? Lapsed environmentalist doesn’t begin to cover what that story is really about, but opportunism comes to mind. Humor doesn’t disguise this inept mishmash of out of context critiques (some worth examining) mixed with embarrassing wanna-be hipster pretentious bullshit.

    Having lived in LA myself for far too long, not entirely a surprise, but still a repulsive reminder of what it was like there as a social environment. Hideous. Such a contrast with the recent clips of Tim Ingold (quite a few excellent additional clips out there as well, have you seen the debate on human nature or his lecture on anthropology beyond the human?), Mindy Fullillove, Graeber, Medina, Latour.

    But enough ranting lol. If you are comfortable doing so, please do include your take on things you post here. Not as an authority, but rather as a reference point, a subjective personal stance as a guide to what we might expect, even if each of us comes away with something quite different.

    Again, thanks for this blog, keep it up, it really is a point of light in the darkness of our times. For me anyway, but I suspect for many others as well.

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