Foucault’s La Société punitive – audio recordings of Melbourne lectures

Progressive Geographies

LibraryDome These are the audio recordings of the two talks I gave on Foucault’s La Société punitive earlier this month – at Monash University and University of Melbourne . The Monash talk has definitely the better recording quality; the Melbourne one was more of a lecture and a bit looser in relation to the text. There were about eight people at the first, in a more seminar-type setting; there were, to my surprise, around seventy people at the second. I say a bit more about having to change the talk to fit that audience, and space, here . Nonetheless, the talks are very similar – if you care enough to listen, you only need listen to one.

At the beginning I refer to a table that I also provided as a handout – you can download that here (pdfjpg). The image I showed to illustrate the star design/panopticon was this image of…

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