Lovelock On The Coming Catastrophe

Update: please note that The Guardian piece linked below is from 2008


Was James Lovelock the first credible scientist to go public with his acceptance of the coming catastrophes of climate change, economic collapse and massive food and water shortages? How many of his colleagues will follow as recognition grows of an end not yet arrived?

Nothing short of a total revolution in human lifeways and social organization is going to derail the accelerating machines of capitalist production. The now standard economies of appropriation and commodified material reorganization are devouring the ecological systems necessary for stable large scale habitation.  “Greening” our communities won’t help and our corporate citizens will continue to do the minimum necessary to appear concerned about sustainability. Growth-mongers and technohyperions alike will drive our societies to the brink and then fail to escape as we this species falls into the abyss of all future adaptations.

Below Lovelock could not be more clear: this civilization will end (at least for the majority of us) and we will continue to navigate very dark roads ahead.

Most of the things we have been told to do might make us feel better, but they won’t make any difference. Global warming has passed the tipping point, and catastrophe is unstoppable.

“It’s just too late for it,” he says. “Perhaps if we’d gone along routes like that in 1967, it might have helped. But we don’t have time. All these standard green things, like sustainable development, I think these are just words that mean nothing. I get an awful lot of people coming to me saying you can’t say that, because it gives us nothing to do. I say on the contrary, it gives us an immense amount to do. Just not the kinds of things you want to do.”

Read the full article: HERE 

5 responses to “Lovelock On The Coming Catastrophe

  1. Michael, that article was going around on facebook recently. It is from 2008. In 2012 Lovelock walked back some of the doom and gloom. Global warming is clearly still a problem, virtue ethics will clearly still not save us, etc. However, he doesn’t believe we are inevitably doomed anymore. Though, we could still be.

  2. Reblogged this on noir realism and commented:
    Saw this on Synthetic. Got to love Lovelock, he pulls no punches and tells it how it is. We’re all doomed, forget about sustainability, green, Rousseauean returns to nature, etc. It’s just stupid now… 50 years ago maybe, but now we’re too late. Better build liferafts than castles in the air…
    “Lovelock believes global warming is now irreversible, and that nothing can prevent large parts of the planet becoming too hot to inhabit, or sinking underwater, resulting in mass migration, famine and epidemics. Britain is going to become a lifeboat for refugees from mainland Europe, so instead of wasting our time on wind turbines we need to start planning how to survive. To Lovelock, the logic is clear. The sustainability brigade are insane to think we can save ourselves by going back to nature; our only chance of survival will come not from less technology, but more”

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