Are the free e-books safe?

Are the free e-books safe?

Anyone out there with related skills and or experience to let the people know if this apparent  treasure-trove of books is safe to use?

7 responses to “Are the free e-books safe?

  1. safe as in contain no viruses or safe as in won’t put the lawman on your case? cuz either way no problems to report thus far, ain’t much room for them anyway straight up downloading pdf files from a web site.

  2. Ach, no! Many are able to tell you of what they have discovered on their computers after digging deep into registry etc., but I don’t think those people are the usual type who would land on your blog. Keyloggers, zymbraglios, and bot controllers are only the beginning after which double-parallax monitors follow.

      • No one’s is under the radar here.

        NB: And if I may say, the ultimate task of the abstract machine, a swarm, if you will, is to create lines of flight in a manner that no stratification can catch up. The key is to become indiscernible and that is to see to it that stratification will encourage creations at its own expense. (Now, my lips are sealed. hehe).

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