How does Schizoanalysis Work? or, “how do you make a class operate like a work of art”

D&G decoded? An outstanding post by an outstanding thinker/bloggger..

Deterritorial Investigations

11418849 “Trees at twilight,” by Jerome Lawrence, a former paranoid schizophrenic

“So what is schizo-analysis?” When Lacan finally poses the question, as recounted in The Anti-Oedipus Papers, Guattari doesn’t tell us what his reply, his explanation, is. Instead, there is only the focus on the despotic master of psychology, and Guattari’s failures in recounting that “sacred Lacanian formula. So what is schizoanalysis? Anti-Oedipus, a text which deals repeatedly with schizoanalysis, never comes out and gives us a framework; it instead conducts its infamous evisceration of psychoanalysis – the approach’s relationship to capitalism and power, its emphasis on recoding of decoded flows, its insistence on the familial relations and the subsequent preservation of the Oedipal complex. By and large, Anti-Oedipus is a call for participation: like the performance art piece that can only conduct itself by rousing the spectators out of their passivity, we’re given an array of tools and…

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