The Optimism Bias, Tali Sharot

The 1st part of this is worth taking in and than it wanders into some very dubious claims of causality and wider implications, so it too often goes in social science…

“I’m not an optimist, I’m a prisoner of hope” -Desmond Tutu

I personally am on the depressive-realism end of the spectrum, not given to doom-casting everything that is ahead on any given day and not optimistic or hopeful in the ways that apparently most folks are predisposed,  but still pained by all of the tragic/disastrous SNAFUs and suffering and so invested in trying to come to terms with the all-too-human limits of my powers to manipulate the world to better suit me.  Most days I fail to adapt in humane ways more than I succeed (tho of course my more successful cultivations have added up over time as something of a bulwark/ease) and would certainly welcome any survival tips that don’t venture into wishful/magical thinking and other moves to transcend.

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