Assemblage and Politics

“Los Angeles artists Ed Bereal, Mel Edwards, George Herms, Nancy Reddin Kienholz, and Betye Saar all made assemblage works that reflected on the charged political climate of postwar America. They used found materials to produce complex objects that engaged with issues including the civil rights movement, the war in Vietnam, and the censorship of art. This lively discussion explores how the medium of assemblage sculpture emerged and continues to thrive as a tool of social critique and transformation.”

One response to “Assemblage and Politics

  1. This is a draft attempting to give some specific content to a debate on the relation between pluralism and realism that tends to go in circles, as one can put all sorts of contents under such generic terms. I try to distinguish pluralism from its relativist shadow, and to elaborate, both abstractly for its own sake, and in relation to a concrete example of a pluralist thinker, the concept of a realist pluralism. The concrete example is the pluralist metaphysics of Bruno Latour as it is expounded in his book AN INQUIRY INTO MODES OF EXISTENCE. I take Bruno Latour’s realist pluralism as it is articulated here and find that it does not correspond to Levi Bryant’s reductive stereotype:

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