Circulating Flesh, Fractal Flesh & Phantom Flesh – Stelarc

Stelarc (1946- ) is a Cyprus-born performance artist raised in the Melbourne suburb of Sunshine, whose works focuses heavily on extending the capabilities of the human body and incorporates themes of cyborgization and other human-machine interfaces.

“In a time of Circulating Flesh, Fractal Flesh and Phantom Flesh organs are extracted and exchanged, bodies and bits of bodies remotely generate recurring patterns of interactivity and haptic technologies generate potent physical presences of virtual flesh. Bodies are hacked, genes are mapped, prosthetics are attached and chimeras are engineered in labs. The trans-species, the trans-gendered and even the trans-human proliferate.”

I welcome Stelarc’s cultivations not just for refiguring boundaries/possibilities but for his Nietzschean YES! to what most have taken as a nightmarish condition, some of which is spelled out with his usual eloquence by brer Noir in his recent take on:

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