6 responses to “The Politics of Mass Preventive Justice, Pat O’Malley

    • very kind thanks, my sense is that when I think in terms of risk I’m focused on the threat as other, while if I think in terms of vulnerability I tend to be more aware of my own fragility/exposure as a human-being.

  1. Yes…. does it bear out the same way here for instance?

    I’d like to think away from risk at least insofar as it is infinitely capitalisable!

    • yes and all too focused on ‘defense’ for which of course there are all too many political/industrial complexes ready to crank up the arms races to oblivion.

  2. Okay, so – this last 2wks I tried to replace risk with vulnerability (in my gov-funded non-gov social service work-world), and kept finding vulnerability already everywhere. Though not strictly from academics, the policy terminology is informed by academics who are hired by gov departments to research ‘best practice’ or design ‘evidence-informed frameworks’. ‘Vulnerability’ seems to invite a tenderness that risk does not, but I feel it’s deployed in much the same way – that is, to get programs that promise to prevent it to stick…

    • hi ana, thanks for trying it out, as a psychiatric social worker and public health consultant I know that world all too well and my thought was more to test my own sensitivity/response-abilities and not to try and come up with new rhetoric for framing organizational practices. As a onetime academic I have been down that road with trying to introduce “care” ethics (have you read Annemarie Mol’s book on the Logic of Care?) to clinical work and seen as you have how these things get twisted to roughly neo-liberal ends, part of why I’m so down on folks who preach radical reorganization, not because I don’t want such things but because I haven’t really seen any scalable models/modes that work. My focus is really how to try and cultivate my own humanism in the face of such dire circumstances and whatever pebble thrown in pond ripples that may have…
      you might be interested in this talk from my other blog:

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