Hickman on the intrepid hunger of the free

Mandy Martin, 'Wanderers in the desert of the real', 2008

Mandy Martin, ‘Wanderers in the desert of the real’, 2008

“That we continue is because of our stubbornness, our inability to let the elements keep us down, to strive after the only thing we find worth attaining: the prize of wonderment, the satisfaction of discovery, of opening up another door into reality that only the intrepid dare venture toward. Yes, we seek more…. we are the dissatisfied souls who hunger for something else. Not satisfied with the eternal circle of the same we keep walking out of the traps set for us, striving to free ourselves and others of the control mechanisms that would bind us and enslave us to lesser thoughts and goals.” [source]

Above Steven Craig Hickman, poet, novelist and philosophical speculator, captures a portion of the growing micro-geist that is the post-nihilist turn. Those with enough humility to know that we do not know, or that in knowing we always compromise and compose, proudly accept the role of fleshly psychonauts wandering with open expectations – sometimes drunk on ecstasis, sometimes deadly sober – and with deep intentions far out into the desert of the Real. We build from the ruins. But what shall we create?

One response to “Hickman on the intrepid hunger of the free

  1. not sure that there is an “only” prescribed worthy experience(s) that we strive for, and much (if not most) of our striving seems to be more about the bare life drives of the il y a than anything Sublime/ecstatic, but yes indeed to more efforts at (experiments with) sublimation/individuation and so good to have brer Noir back in the mix.

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