Microphysics of Interaction: Following the Vernacular of Erving Goffman

this is part 1 of 3, so if you want to see more you can find the other two at youtube as I’m having trouble embedding them here.


4 responses to “Microphysics of Interaction: Following the Vernacular of Erving Goffman

  1. I’ll be writing on him at some point on the antipsychiatry blog. One of the reasons his work is so good is because he got involved. A while back we were all talking about embedded philosophy- well Goffman was an embedded sociologist right? Look at Asylum…how he wrote that, the fact of actually going down into the the actual psychiatric institutions in order to observe them.

    Dramaturgy is great when its applied to therapy. Had the opportunity to see some dramaturgical therapy a couple of years ago- looks really potent.

    The emphasis on shame is really interesting given some Facebook discussion about class I’ve been observing that have now evolved into a new project http://woundsofclass.com/

  2. Not sure the woman in the park example is really very good. This isn’t mis-framing- in fact I would say that the male perspective that says the woman has mis-framed is the mis-framed argument. And isn’t it a misframing that is often used by patriarchal institutions?

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