2 responses to “Billy Bragg: No Power Without Accountability

  1. I think it’s important that I give a link to a recent controversy that Bragg was involved in- it raises questions as to whether he really believes what he says.


    “One of the people mobilising the toxic alliance of corporate greed and art school wankers against the Undercroft skate-boarders is former socialist Billy Bragg. For those reading under the age of 35, Bragg used to be a pop star who enjoyed mild success in the 80s and then retired to a mansion to spend more time with his money. These days his public appearances are confined to acting as a token fake leftie on BBC politics programmes, or spewing out pieces toadying up to the the Queen for the Daily Mail.

    Today he’s appeared on The Guardian website to complain about the pesky kids who refuse to do what he tells them to and abandon their campaign to save the Southbank Undercroft. And predictably for an ego-ridden former pop star, it’s all me, me, me. Where will the performers for my annual busking charity wankfest rehearse complains Bragg? What about the poor homeless people we make do the gardening for no pay he whinges, or the entrepreneurs, won’t someone please think of the entrepreneurs”.

    Full article here:


    • more facts are always welcome, tho given your own insights on recent media-personalities taking public stands and speculations about their sincerity/motives some analysis of the impacts/reception may be more important for advancing our causes than divining author-ial intentions, and I’m suspicious in general of the idea that we have overarching/underlying beliefs that bring some kind of unity/order to our actions, fortunately we can see how these things play out on many levels, more pragmatism and less puritanism, ever onward.

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