2 responses to “Teaching Insurrection – Franco Berardi Bifo

  1. As ever, Bifo unloads some great stuff about insurrection and the potency of the body and the general intellect- but his etymology of insurrection is the same as the one Stirner uses. That wouldn’t be important except that at the crucial moments Bifo always reveals himself to be something of an idealist- just like Stirner. He even seems aware of his proximity when he jokingly refers to being a ‘deranged individualist’.

    I also can’t tell if his use of terms like “profit” are simplifications of Marxian terminology for the sake of communicative clarity to nonexperts, or if he’s moving more and more into an exclusively moralist critique of capitalism (After the Future and Insurrections certainly veer in that direction at times)…. a kind of profit vs. people/ 1% vs. 99% sophistry.

    There’s also something of a contradiction in his calls for insurrection when he also speaks of embracing the senilisation of Europe.What happened at the end of 2011 for the stress to move from insurrection to senility- and what about this claim that we’d see a wave of suicides (certainly happening) and that this should be weirdly embraced?

    That said, the centrality of dignity in his speech is actually more exciting than I thought it could be- given it’s Christian origins. But then, perhaps this is yet more evidence of the post-secularity of nihilism.

    • the capacity to rouse spirits thru a fiery condemnation of the wheelings and dealings of the day while offering nothing more substantial in response than speaking in tongues composed of largely empty/dead utopian terms is an all too familiar trait of liberal christianisms (think of folks like Cornel West), Bifo’s blind faith (reminiscent of Guatarri’s) in the powers of people to go back to the garden is like some brit romance movie about learning to live the good life while on holiday on the Mediterranean.
      That said the image of great swarming masses of people shutting down, gumming up, and otherwise occupying the systems of crony-capitalisms is a heartening one even if I don’t see much to hope for in what might follow, better to go down taking a stand for your humanity and bearing witness I say!

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