Jane Bennett on the Call of Things

Jane Bennett on the Call of Things

The Call of Things: Jane Bennett Talks About Hoarders at the Vera List Center

“Her talk examined the idea that hoarders (as portrayed on the A&E reality show “Hoarders”) might be viewed not within the framework of socio-pathology, but as “people who are preternaturally attuned to things.” From this platform, Bennett went on to examine and classify the intrinsic power of inanimate objects, while avoiding the idea of animism.”

Too many folks waxing philosophical tend to ab/use, and in some ironic sense ignore, the actual and often dis-abling/rigidifying conditions caused by psychiatric disorders, and my clinical experience with folks consumed with their hording is that they are not particularly tuned into any specific object and if anything their attachments are especially disconnected from the particularities at hand, but leaving that aside for a moment Bennett’s experiments with evocation are worth engaging.

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