Nina Power on the ideology and promise of happiness

The audio above comes from the ResonanceFM radio show of philosopher and founder member of Defend The Right to Protest Nina Power from the March 24th 2013. For this particular broadcast Nina, author of the brilliant work of Marxian feminism One-Dimensional Woman, is joined by writer and artist Linda Stupart.

During this broadcast the affective composition of labour is discussed in relation to capitalism, psychiatry and pharmacology, with a specific eye on the ideology of happiness in tension with the invariant human cultural expression of a desire for eudaimonia. The discussion turns to a discussion of the negative passions. It also features some good music and some not very good music. There are also readings of the opening of Schopenhauer’s On the suffering of the world and Spinoza on the geometric approach to the emotions, and is worth a listen for that alone (surely).

 and ought to be listened to on that basis if no other.

A near-to-full archive of Nina’s ‘Hour of Power’ show is accessible via the invaluable Libcom resource website.

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