Bracha Ettinger: Self-fragilize Your Self

WHERE ARE WE GOING, WALT WHITMAN? An ecosophical roadmap for artists and other futurists.

JAPAN SYNDROME — AMSTERDAM VERSION: brought together anarcho-urbanist, feminist psychoanalytic, cinematic, sci-fi, self-organizing, archival, and electro musical perspectives into disasters that can no longer be categorized as either “natural” or “man-made.” Meshing discursive moments with mourning rituals and visions of possible futures, it attempted to open up a new imaginary landscape of the commons. Post-Fukushima Japan now calls for our response to the invisible and immeasurable aftermath of the earthquake and following nuclear meltdown.

Bracha Ettinger is an international visual artist, painter, theorist, psychoanalyst and Professor at European Graduate School in Saas-Fee, Switzerland. Her work deals with feminist psychoanalysis, art, aesthetics, ethics, the gaze, sexual difference and gender studies, Jacques Lacan, the feminine, early (including pre-birth) psychic impressions, pre-maternal and maternal subjectivity.

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