On the Surface of a Dust Particle

“It is possible that new unimagined devices collectively created, could lead us to start perceiving and manipulating neutrinos and other subatomic particles, and from there start programming atoms, just as today we are able to program cells. Sculpting dark matter at an atomic scale would lead us to configure new atomic patterns, which could allow us to rewrite laws of physics. And once we’ve developed new habitats in distant planets, we would be able to go there through wormholes excavated in dark matter traveling at entangled states accompanied by Schrödinger’s cat.”



“Dear Radioactive Friends, today I have done a terrible thing for a theoretical physicist, that is, to introduce a new particle that nobody will ever be able to see.”
—Wolfgang Pauli, 1930s

It’s been said that we are a geological force. Over the short history of humankind we have learned to transform materials from the biosphere to our convenience. Technicians have been trained in the art of transforming rocks into square-shaped hills for us to inhabit. Communication technologies have also contributed to the formation of new landscapes on our planet’s surface. Recent efforts in science have attempted to develop design methods and tools towards an integrated biologically-engineered environment, and synthetic biology is emerging as a promising field towards a soft and evolutive process of integration with nature. We are now able to engineer matter itself. But according to astrophysics such matter and all visible matter in our immense universe scarcely…

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